Rules for the provision of hotel services at the Paveletskaya Aero Hotel

1. General provisions

   1. These Rules are developed in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation".
   2. The Paveletskaya Aero Hotel corresponds to the Three-star category.
   3. The Hotel is intended for temporary accommodation for a period agreed with the Hotel administration.
   4. The Hotel provides round-the-clock service for guests arriving at the Hotel and departing from the Hotel.
   5. Accommodation in the Hotel is carried out on the terms of payment upon arrival, advance payment of the entire planned period of stay in full or in part, for cash or non-cash payment in rubles, including credit cards.
   6. The extension of the stay after check-out time is subject to availability of rooms.

2. Hotel Booking

   1. Booking (pre-booking) of residential rooms is carried out at the Hotel by accepting booking requests by fax, mail, telephone or other communication.
   2. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed reservations are applied at the Hotel:
   2.1. Guaranteed booking is a type of booking in which the Hotel waits for the guest until the check-out time of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival. Hotel reservations are guaranteed by prepayment or providing credit card details to the Hotel and the guest's consent to debit funds from the account. In case of non-arrival or late (untimely) cancellation of the reservation by the customer, the Hotel charges a fee for room downtime when the prepayment made by the customer is returned to the customer, in the amount of the cost of one night's stay. If you are more than a day late, the guaranteed reservation will be canceled in accordance with the booking conditions.
   2.2. Non–guaranteed booking is a type of booking in which the Hotel waits for the guest until 06:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, after which the reservation is canceled. Accommodation is carried out on a general basis, subject to availability.
   3. The booking is considered valid from the moment the customer receives a notification containing information about the booking number, the name of the Hotel, the guest, the category of the booked room, the booking conditions, the dates of arrival and accommodation, as well as the calculation of the cost of Hotel accommodation.

3. Cancellation of booking

   1. Rooms can be booked by both a legal entity and an individual. Cancellation of room reservations or reduction of the length of stay can be carried out in whole or in part, if notified no later than 24 hours before the arrival (departure) of guests, for group arrivals no later than 72 hours before arrival. Any change made by a legal entity to the application must be confirmed in writing by the Hotel. Otherwise, the previously confirmed application is considered canceled from the moment the changes are received and a new booking is made.
   2. If the stated length of stay is reduced, the guest must notify the administrator about it before the check-out time of the planned departure.